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About CMX

Welcome to the ChefMade family!

About CMX

Here at CMX, we believe that everyone can feel like a master chef in the kitchen with our custom seasoning blends. Our goal is to empower everyone to feel inspired to create masterful home recipes that your family can enjoy and you can feel proud of. CMX is not just a catchy name, it’s a promise we live by to ensure that everything we create is done with the ChefMade stamp of approval.

CMX is a collaboration of Chef Adrian’s culinary dreams. It contains a combination of career paths that expanded on his love for food through his unique approach to culinary expression. Along his life journey, Chef Adrian learned to express his ideas and passion for food through various avenues that advanced his knowledge of how cultures spice up their food. Chef Adrian has been a student of culinary arts since he was 14, exploring different techniques, cultural influences, and culinary innovations. Creating mouthwatering dishes has been his passion for over 25 years. He knows that the gratitude of satisfied foodies enjoying CMX’s blended spices packed in flavors will leave anyone yearning for more!


A.L. Bens
A.L. Bens

I have honestly never had a better flavor than this one, these guys genuinely make the best of a Experience, and I am absolutely in love with the seasoning!

Anthonette Vernon

Whether it is pasta, lasagna, or a simple fried chicken, this seasoning goes well with everything! I have even made spice mixes and various dips from this seasoning, and I am super happy!

Gregory Marshall

I am obsessed with this spice mix, and it's not just about how good it tastes; the spice is so perfectly balanced with just the right amount of tanginess and spice that it brings out all the flavors of the protein. I am addicted, and it's always a part of my kitchen for lazy snacks and meals!

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