The ChefMade Experience CMX Complete Seasoning blend

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CMX Complete seasoning

Welcome a world of flavor into your kitchen with The ChefMade Experience! We are all about making your food stand out through bold taste and aroma filled spices. We have created the seasoning blend of your dreams with a mix and match of CMX selected spices. Whether you want to fire up the grill, or add a spark to your favorite dish, our seasoning blends has the ultimate balance of flavor and spices that will leave you feeling ChefMade!

About Us

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Here at CMX, we believe that creating food is a form of our self-expression. From the beginning, our vision has been for everyone to feel the passion of creating Chef inspired meals.

CMX is a collaboration of Chef Adrian’s culinary dreams. It contains a combination of different career paths that widen his culinary expression. Along his life journey, he’s learned to express his ideas and thoughts through various food avenues broadening his knowledge of how different cultures spiced up their meals. Chef Adrian has been a student of culinary arts from a young age, exploring different techniques, cultural influences, and backgrounds that focused his approach to his craft. Creating mouthwatering dishes has been his passion for over 25 years, and with the launch of ChefMade, he plans to take you on the food experience of you life!

CMX Southern Heat Seasoning

The ChefMade Way!

CMX Complete seasoning BLEND

  • CMX is here to help you innovate, create, and standout through your bold culinary journey! Our seasoning blends are all about giving you The ChefMade Experience.
  • CMX believes in creating a flavorful food experience through our custom seasoning blends that will give your food a Chef’s touch. 
  • We source high quality ingredients to ensure our products meet the ChefMade stamp of approval! 
  • ChefMade is a feeling of pride. It’s the exhilarating feeling that only the person making the dish can understand. It’s a experience beyond description, it’s just ChefMade!
The ChefMade Experience Southern Heat Seasoning blend
Garlic Sage Seasoning by The Chef Made Experience
Let's make it chef made

New Arrival

Garlic Sage Seasoning

Introducing our Garlic Sage Seasoning, a delicious southern-inspired blend of garlic and sage.

This flavorful blend is perfect for elevating any dish, from pasta to roasted vegetables and grilled chicken. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any dish, especially roasted items, vegetables, and pasta.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your dishes with our Garlic Sage Seasoning.

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